Friday, 15 August 2014

Steve made a film...

Remember how Steve has been too busy to record any podcasts? Sorry! But he was indeed busy doing something very cool, and very silly! Making a movie!

Check it out here and if you like it, please share it, tweet it, facebook it, paint the address across your boobies and flash em (not really..)?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones Characters

The Wonderful World of Westeros

Deviant Artist Sam Tsui has created some amazing cross over art. 

Featuring Disney heroines as Game of Thrones characters!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Interview with Leah Cairns

Culturally Fixated is officially in hog heaven!

Drum roll please.

For the first Podcast of 2014, I'm all a-flutter to welcome the originator of one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite TV shows - Racetrack from Battlestar Galactica herself 

Leah Cairns!

Leah and I met at a SF convention last year and found ourselves chatting away like old friends in no time. Asking her to join us for a chat was both logical and obvious.
Actually finding the time to make the recording on the other hand was a task of epic proportions! I'm talking Hobbit-like people. (Films not the slenderest of slender books)
It's a weird thing about talented people. They seem to always be working...

We chat about all sorts of things. From Leah's origins as a dancer through her epic backpack years (!) to her realization that she wanted to India...while visiting a mediation centre. Perhaps this should come with a Random Alert warning, let alone language and spoilers!

Girl Talk
We then discuss Battlestar Galactica - her audition, input into her character and the Racetrack arc as a whole. Along the way, expect constant little tidbits about the cast and crew Leah was working alongside. As Leah notes, no one really understands these characters as well as the actors who portray them!

Interstellar - Chris Nolan's soon to be released film, Kyle XY, Sanctuary, Fargo, The Tomorrow People and Leah's dream projects are also explored along the way.

Finally, we take a look at Leah's Go Fund Me campaign for two adorable little girls who are living with very dangerous conditions. There are details on how you can get involved after the links.

We've very good. Practically not offensive at all. 
Nevertheless, those of an especially sensitive nature might want to brace themselves.

We *RUIN* Battlestar Galactica. Particularly the parts that relate to Racetrack. Because OBVIOUSLY.

Seattle and Savannah

For more information about Savannah and Seattle, please visit their Go Fund Me page - The Battle For Seattle and Savannah

If you'd like to help, take a peek at I walk 4 Savannah and Seattletheir project page on facebook.

Alternatively, you can let Ellen Degeneres know via twitter @TheEllenShow of the girls hopes to one day meet!

Chat to Leah on twitter - @LeahCairns

Savannah as Starbuck!

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A Tribute to Racetrack

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sons of Anarchy?

In which Steve is joined by friend of the show, and fellow podcaster Marc Foster (To Watch Pile) to talk all six seasons of FX's Sons Of Anarchy. 

We discuss the recent S6 finale, and where Kurt Sutter takes the show from here...

Contains massive spoilers! And we mean massive! And probably some bad language...

Mobile Link
Episode 3.13 - Sons of Anarchy?

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