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Next up! Comic based Movies!!

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Ahem, other companies release adaptations too
There are so many adaptations of comics and graphic novels hitting the big screen nowadays that it's hard to remember that there was once a time when comics were sneered upon in the entertainment world, seen as lesser forms of both art and literature and definitely viewed as being more suited to children and teenagers than adults. 

(Don't believe me? Check out comic book guy from the Simpson's - a biting inditement on anyone over the age of 18, who would choose to read comics)

Then there was Superman - and we started to believe that a man could fly.

Less than five years later, Batman proved that comic adaptations could be gritty, realistic (ish) and dark.

And since then - a plethora of characters have made the leap from the printed page to silver screen.

Some were wonderful (the first Spiderman film, Blade, MIB). Others...were not (the third Spiderman film, Electra, Ghost Rider). And let's be fair, there are always going to be a few that you love/loathe regardless of whether the films deserved it (Casper the friendly ghost - what can I say? I loved it).

Much as we might wish too, we can't cover em all, so if you have a "must mention" be it bad or good - make sure you let us know in the comments below!!

Here are some of mine! 

The Good
Superman *excluding the forth one
Batman *excluding Batman and Robin
X-Men 1 and 2
X Men - First Class
Thor *haven't seen the sequel yet
Iron-Man *the second one hanging on by a thread
Captain America *haven't seen the sequel yet
The Avengers
Men In Black *particularly the third
Kickass *haven't seen the sequel yet
The Crow *only the first one
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Tank Girl
Ghost World
300 *goriest chick flick ever...

The Bad
(not bad bad, just not as good as it should have been)
The Fantastic Four
Watchmen *too faithful an adaptation?
30 Days of Night
The Incredible Hulk
Mystery Men
The Mask

The Ugly
(diabolical, and the director/writer should be shot with a shovel full of ... sugar)
Ghost Rider
From Hell *Heather Graham - the typical cockney working girl. I think NOT
Howard the Duck
Green Lantern
Josie and the Pussycats
The League of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen
Barb Wire

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