Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Interview with Claudia Christian

There just isn't enough SQUEE in the world really.

CULTURALLY FIXATED is delighted to welcome the sublime 
Claudia Christian
who joined us this week. 

To hoards of SF fans, Claudia will always be General Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 - one of the greatest SF characters in one of the greatest SF TV series EVER. However - as you'll hear during our chat - she's a true renaissance woman, with a diverse range of activities and creative outlets. 

She writes. She sings. She enjoys food, travel and books. She's even written a few herself! All that on top of portraying countless memorable characters across tv and film. AND single handedly destroyed a small fleet.


Just a touch. 

During out chat we start off by discussing Claudia's latest project - it's more of a mission really - narrating One Little Pill. This is a documentary to raise awareness of The Sinclair Method - a revolutionary and scientific treatment for alcohol addiction that, Claudia frankly admits, saved her life. Claudia has been so determined to heighten the profile of this method, that she has founded a charity - the C Three Foundation.   

From there, we discuss her no holds barred autobiography - Babylon Confidential - a memoir of love, sex and addiction. Every life story that comes out of Hollywood claims to be honest and open - this one actually delivers! Every soaring height and each crushing fall is explored with an often heartbreaking forthrightness. It turns out that Claudia is every bit as passionate, funny and honest in person!

Finally, we moved onto Babylon 5. It's been 15 years since the show ended and the friendships created (and indeed the fandom) have sustained and become legend. It's always such a pleasure to discuss something that you love with someone involved in the process - to have it held in their hearts too is just a cherry on top. Or a raspberry...I don't like cherries. 

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Spoilers for all of Babylon 5. 
And life the universe and everything. 

Language warnings apply as usual.

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If you're interested in learning more, you can contact Claudia (and her magic internet elves) here:
One Little Pill
The C Three Foundation

On the web  - Claudia Christian
On twitter  - @ClaudiaLives
On YouTube  - HERE
On FaceBook - HERE

Babylon Confidential - a memoir of love, sex and addiction

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