Friday, 22 July 2011

Superstar Guest Star!! Reed Diamond!

 Culturally Fixated is delighted to announce our first ever SUPERSTAR GUEST STAR, the charming, witty and chatty Reed Diamond!

CultFix 2.3 -Reed Diamond

Reed is currently gracing our screens every Wednesday night (e4, 10pm)in Franklin and Bash - a new legal dramedy. He is playing Damien Karp -  the jealous, arrogant and occasionally downright devious arch nemesis of the titular characters. 

Whedon fans will recognise him from his two year stint on Dollhouse as the enigmatic and secretive Laurence Dominic - the security chief in the house.

And anyone who enjoys crime based shows will no doubt recognise him from Homicide - Life on the Streets, The Shield, 24, Cold Case, Castle, Monk, Journeyman, Numb3rs...I could go on, but my fingers are starting to seize up!

Have a listen to CultFix 2.3 to hear us natter about tv, films, George Clooney and everything in between!

If you're a subscriber, you should be able to grab this ep from iTunes, if you aren't, it might take a bit longer. So you see the advantages to subscribing...
Reed Diamond - Christmas Special!
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Reed Diamond - our 2nd chat - HERE!
Reed Diamond - our 1st chat - HERE!

Say hi to Reed on Twitter. Don't be shy - he's delightful @ReedDiamond

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