Monday, 9 July 2012

Cult Fix S03EP06 - Soul Sista - GUEST!!

Presenting - for your listening enjoyment...

Episode 3.06 
Soul Sista!!! - GUEST!! 

The one where CultNeeve is joined by the totally fabulous and groovalicious @WineforBreakfst

Otherwise known as Julia. The Wonderful. 

- Author, blogger, tweeter and full time AWESOME...person (Sorry...ran of steam a bit there!) Julia joins me for a wonderful chat about all sorts of everything.

Whad'ya mean you need more details?!?


We talk weather, wine, strippers, bodice rippers, shades of grey, cheese, Magic Mike, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Violence on the screen, Sex - just for the sake of it, dating, declaration of love, Transatlantic Society for Cheese, Tullamore, whiskey, lions, Zimbabwe, writing and everything in between!

Tis epic. 

* * * * *

In theory - this was  a recording devised to give Steve a bit of a break and a proper honeymoon - however by the time we were able to record, he was actually home. Hopefully we'll be getting together to dissect the summer in the only way that matters - on tv - soon!

Episode 3.06 - Soul Sista!!! - GUEST!!
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* * * * * APOLOGIES * * * * *

Remember how last time I was really loud and Steve was inaudible? Well, I had a play with the settings. 
This time round, I'm considerably quieter than our guest. 

This is not really something I should apologise for!!!

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Visit Julia's website here - Wine For Breakfast!

* * * * * DANGER! WILL ROBINSON - DANGER! * * * * *

Usual language warnings apply. 

Fancy more of our inane chatter? You'll find us on twitter as @SteveCult and @Drneevil

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